the blackest shore

Catastrophic Theatre is one of Houston’s best regional theaters, going back 15 years, where it has created and produced nationally acclaimed new works for the stage. I’ve had the privilege of working with these artists in the past as an actor. I finally got an opportunity to shoot a promotional video for their latest production “The Blackest Shore” by Mark Schultz. They’d had some pretty good promotional videos done in the past, but I wanted to take a more narrative approach. I wanted the promo to capture to tone of the play as it had been staged and make it feeling like a movie trailer for an independent film.

I showed up to tech rehearsal a week before opening. As they worked through light and sound cues, I shot moments it’d previously made note of in the script, sometimes even getting multiple takes and angles. Tim Thompson designed the sound and video projects used as a dynamic backdrop to the minimalist set. Really cool stuff!


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